The European Conference of Reformed Churches (EuCRC) is a conference for churches in Europe that hold to a Reformed confession of the Christian Faith. It is a regional conference of the member churches of the International Conference of Reformed Churches (ICRC).

Our conference theme this year will be ‘Preaching’. Much of contemporary evangelicalism has experienced a loss of confidence in preaching as the God-ordained means of bringing sinners into the Kingdom and building them up in holiness. At times parts of the Reformed community have expressed the same doubts. As those committed to the authority of the God-breathed Scriptures, however, we believe that the Spirit-empowered preaching of God’s Word is essential for the life, growth and health of the Church. The papers to be given at our conference will address different aspects of preaching in a scriptural and practical way, with the aim of strengthening our confidence in preaching and improving our practice of preaching. We trust they will be profitable for both those who preach and those who hear.

Four speakers will present papers on aspects of this theme.

There will be ample time for discussion of the papers and for networking with other delegates, and presentations will be organised on relevant themes.

We look forward to meeting with you, encouraging one another, experiencing our fellowship and unity, while also praying for the world which is in need of knowing Christ as the Saviour.  Please visit the conference page for more details.

The European Conference of Reformed Churches has met seven times:

  1. Soest, the Netherlands (6-9 March 2007)
  2. Soest, the Netherlands (4-7 November 2008)
  3. Edinburgh, Scotland (16-19 March 2010)
  4. Kiev, the Ukraine (24-27 April 2012)
  5. Cardiff, Wales (2-5 September 2014)
  6. De Glind, the Netherlands (24-27 May 2016)
  7. Stone, Staffordshire, England (15-18 May 2018)

In addition to official delegations from the member denominations (currently eight in number), other Reformed churches within Europe can request an invitation from one of the member churches.

The EuCRC's purposes are the same as the ICRC’s:

  1. to express and promote the unity of faith that the member churches have in Christ;
  2. to encourage the fullest ecclesiastical fellowship among the member churches;
  3. to encourage cooperation among the member churches in the fulfillment of the missionary and other mandates;
  4. to study the common problems and issues that confront the member churches and to aim for recommendations with respect to these matters;
  5. to present a Reformed testimony to the world.

The regulations of the EuCRC may be found here.

Please get in contact (contact@eucrc.org) if you have any questions.